Thanks so much for your support in 2021! If you are thinking of shopping for gifts at Alphabet Bags for the holidays, here are our last recommended order dates for customers receiving deliveries in time for Christmas.

Australia, Greece, Italy, New Zealand and Portugal:

Order by 1PM GMT, 6th of December

Africa, Central and South America, Asia, Middle East and Far East (including Japan)

Order by 1PM GMT, 8th of December

Cyprus, Malta, Sweden, Eastern Europe (excluding Czech Republic, Poland and Slovakia) and Turkey:

Order by 1PM GMT, 10th of December

USA, Canada, FinlandCzech Republic and Poland: 

Order by 1PM GMT, 13th of December

Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Iceland, Ireland, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Slovakia, Spain and Switzerland:

Order by 1PM GMT, 16th of December

United Kingdom First Class Delivery:

Order by 3PM GMT, 21st of December

United Kingdom Next Working Day Special Delivery:

Order by 3PM GMT, 22nd of December

With the exception of Special Delivery services these are Royal Mail’s recommendation only and are not guaranteed by Royal Mail.

The above international dates apply to Royal Mail Airmail delivery. Courier services are available for expedited delivery, please contact us for more information about courier delivery.