Back in June Lucas and I spent a blissful three weeks exploring a few of our favourite places in the US. It seems like a lifetime ago and looking through our holiday snaps we are already desperate to go back again. We made the mistake of taking three cameras which made choosing a selection for our photo album a bit daunting! Here are some of our favourites...

Our first stop was New York, one of our favourite cities in the world. We stayed at the Wythe Hotel in Williamsburg (which we highly recommend) and the view was so amazing we could have quite happily stayed in our room for the entire trip!

We enjoyed many cocktails on the Wythe's rooftop bar. Can't beat the Manhattan skyline on a beautiful summer evening! 

When we visit NYC one of our first stops is the Top of the Rock observation deck. The views at sunset are absolutely amazing, our photos really don't do it justice. 

We spent our four days in New York flitting between Williamsburg and Manhattan. Our highlights included row boats in Central Park, walking across the Brooklyn Bridge, chilling out on the High Line and eating (way too much) delicious food. 

From New York we flew to Portland, Oregon. We had never visited the city but had heard a lot of great things about it. Everything we heard was true, we loved it! Portland has such a relaxed atmosphere, with fantastic food and drink, loads of great vintage shops, things to do and places to visit. We only had two days to explore the city but will definitely be back again. We stayed at The Ace Hotel which we loved. It's one of those hotels with so many great touches, including a photo booth which dangerously accepts credit cards!  

We left Portland, picked up our car and began our road trip. We headed to the coast and spent the next four days slowly driving down the highway. We stopped at some lovely coastal towns and beaches, had some of the best seafood we'd ever eaten and scouted out treasures in some of the many vintage shops. The Oregon coastline is breathtaking, we just wish we had had a bit longer to stop at every vista point and savour every view.

Approaching San Francisco from the North we stopped at this fantastic vista point before crossing the Golden Gate Bridge. We were really lucky to be there on a beautiful clear day and had just the best view of the city. 

We only had two days in San Francisco so we crammed in quite a lot. The weather was beautiful, perfect for hopping on and off cable cars and taking a long walk up and down the hills of SF. We loved exploring the city but were really excited to head back to the coast and continue our drive south...

We'll be posting more photos from the rest of our roadtrip soon. 

Have a lovely day! We'll be California dreamin' today for sure.